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key services

We infuse our deep knowledge of pharmaceutical processes with our hands-on, practical approach to:
  • Adequately translate the project to a valuable proof of concept.
  • Substantially reduce development time and costs by using our Proprietary Development Methodology.
  • Attend to the day-to-day operational management at all phases of the project.
  • Create a 'data-room' by managing all the documentation generated.
  • Report to the investors, if required.
  • Identify and evaluate new product opportunities or strategic collaborations for the company.
  • Create an efficient relationship with investors to optimize their investment portfolio.
  • Use our knowledge and awareness of Regulatory Affairs to help convert a project into market reality
By :
  • Anticipating the requirements of the Regulatory Authorities, thus reducing delays and the length of negotiations.
  • Negotiating effective regulatory strategies with EU and US Authorities, thereby substantially reducing the chances of a project failing at such a costly late-stage of development.